“The polyphonically layered singing in DiBucci’s work is full of depth and is infused with clear melodies, but also has moments that call the audience to listen up. The work asks a lot of our senses.”
-Die Deutsche Bühne

Charlotte Salomon:
Der Tod Und Die Malerin

A Ballet-Opera by Michelle DiBucci and Bridget Breiner

Charlotte Salomon: Der Tod und die Malerin (Death and the Painter) is a Ballet-Opera based on the multidimensional artwork,  Life? or Theater? by Charlotte Salomon, (1917-1943).

Music by Michelle DiBucci
Text by Charlotte Salomon adapted by Michelle DiBucci  
Production by Bridget Breiner
World Premiere at Musiktheater im Revier
Choreographer – Bridget Breiner
Music Director, Conductor – Valtteri Rauhalammi
Sets, Costumes, Masks – Jürgen Kirner
Projection Design – Philipp Contag-Lada
Lighting Design – Bonnie Beecher


Featuring 12 dancers, 6 singers, and an electro-acoustic chamber orchestra.

World premiere February 14, 2015 at Musiktheater Im Revier, Gelsenkirchen, Germany.


All rights reserved, Charlotte Salomon Foundation.

“Can this subject matter be melded into a ballet soiree? Can dance meet the demands of that fragment of history? Gelsenkirchen’s ballet director Bridget Breiner, together with the composer Michelle DiBucci, answered this question with a resounding, triumphant, ‘yes!'”

“The thirteen-member dance ensemble, five singers and the Neue Philharmonie Westfalen, under Valtteri Rauhalammi, create an oratorio of sounds, voices and bodies that translates the luminosity of the template into a polyphonic theatrical language.”
-Süddeutsche Zeitung